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Cosultancy services


Support & Report

We are your representative to UK yacht and boat manufacturers


What areas of your business can we support?

  1. client looking to buy boats or yachts.

  2. client wants to see their boat or yacht  in construction.

  3. client wanting to finalise and talk through detailed specifications for their boat or yacht.

  4. boats or yachts being purchased for stock by dealers (visual audits).


Dealer Development

With a large worldwide network and experience working with various brokers, brands and manufacturers, we are able to help you grow your brand.

looking after every aspect from back-office set up through to dealer marketing.

Below are just a few examples:- 

  1. Apply dealer application forms, to match your company ethos.

  2. Build dealer processes.

  3. Ensure brand guidelines are created.

  4. Put aftersales & warranty terms in place. 


Marine Industry partnerships

During our time in the industry we have helped many other industries break into the marine world. If you have a brand or product you would like to get a 'marine' vertical with, then let us know we can help you, as we have done for others. 

  1. Introduction to direct decision makers.

  2. Review your product for the marine industry.

  3. Advertise and market at various events. 

  4. Be a brand ambassador using our network to potential clients.

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